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Concrete is a building material that is generally associated with strength, durability, power and mass.

The exhibition project BETON Berlin questions exactly these general associations in connection with the urban development of Berlin, and turns to the delicate and vulnerable structures of public space. Supposedly invisible areas of urban space, forgotten places or oppressive spatial situations become a temporary stage within the exhibition project.

Together with BETON Berlin, artists will bring new attention to these places of public space and consciously interfere with their actions in the space and open up a discourse.

The site-independent exhibition initiative acts flexibly and ephemerally. In collaboration with the artists, the aim is not only to refer to specific spatial aspects, but also to the increasing commercialization and marketing of everything public.

BETON Berlin is a initiative, following the projects ADN Pförtnerhaus, Statsion, Tacho, CNTRM, when the image is new, the world is new, and STRouX,

initiated by Christof Zwiener.

CNTRM Andrea Pichel Christof Zwiener
Wolfgang Plöger ADN Pförtnerhaus Christof Zwiener
Irene Hug Statsion 2015 Christof Zwiener
when the image is new, the world is new Christof Zwiener
tacho kreuzberg Christof Zwiener
STRouX Christof Zwiener


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Project Space Festival

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Netzwerk freier Berliner Projekträume und -initiativen e.V.

Art in Berlin

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Berlin site-specific Art project, ortsspezifisches Kunstprojekt Berlin, temporär, ephemer, urbanism, urbanismus, About, STRouX, ADN Pförtnerhaus, TACHO Kreuzberg, Berlin Britzenale, Christof Zwiener, Statsion, CNTRM,

when the image is new, the world is new
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