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Takeover of the URL

Thanks to the broad protest led by the artistic community against the private Kunsthalle Berlin run by W. S., it is already history again after barely three months and a total of one exhibition. However, the criticism of structures that enabled the association, the Bonn Foundation for Art and Culture, to draw on public resources of considerable magnitude in Berlin remains. The decision to revise this mistake after the hasty extension of the contract, by finally responding to the demands of the public, has been an important turning point and intermediate step in a cultural and more social urban development policy, which means that further sustainable steps are still needed.

By taking over the URL, the City of Project Spaces supports the transformation processes necessary for this by continuing, as an artistic initiative, the notion of a democratically legitimized house that Walter Smerling wrongly claimed. The first redirection of the URL to the website of the Project Space Festival 22 will be used to make the events of 31 artistic project spaces and project initiatives visible as the idea of a polycentric Kunsthalle.

In the future, the City of Project Spaces will share the URL with other artistic initiatives working for more equitable distribution of public resources and sustainable urban development processes. More to come soon.

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